Thursday, June 19, 2008

A plea to new wordpress users who aint techy nerds.

Ok so milan has set me a challenge as to why wordpress is better then blogger, problem is I am a techy and would bore you with my reasons, so it would be great if the likes of SL, MW, Daz and anyone else I may have left out give their non techy points of view.

Here are mine anyhow.

1. Stats we would all be able to see who is linking to us how many visits where traffic is coming from etc. This comes as standard on wordpress.

2. Spam filtering, I know it has not been an issue here but wordpress uses askimet which is a fantastic spam filter.

3. Wordpress has some lovely templates we could use.

4. Blogger is owned by google and since this is the case will not ping the other major search engines like yahoo when we update the blog which is losing a lot of traffic.

5. Post are much easier to manage in wordpress aswell.

6. Lastly if at some point we decided cause we got big enough that we wanted our own domain like we could transfer posts from wordpress much easier since most webcompanies offer wordpress as part of their packages.

So non techies lets hear your points.


  1. From a non techy:

    1. The stats are very basic. I have statcounter on my blogger blog. It has tonnes more info than the very basic info you get fromt he standard wordpress blogs.

    2. Lots of wordpress blogs are full of spam?

    3. Isn't the blog lovely already? :-)

    4. Huh?

    5. Not true. Especially when you have to resize all those lovely images we like to use. It's hassle free with blogger. Takes time to resize and that's hassle I tells ya.

    6. Can't understand the logic of switching just for the purposes of something that may happen in the future but surely you could just switch then? ;-)

    Really I'm not mad against it at all but I use both and I've always found wordpress a hassle. I think it would need to be proven to be easier to use and that hasn't been shown?

    I heart blogger! :-)

  2. point 5 was probably incorrect the way i typed it, I was thinking more in relation to organising the posts etc.

    Point 4 is more about the fact that when we write a post a ping, which is where the blogger server sends info to the search engines, is sent to google which promptly goes into the google search engine. Yahoo is the competition for google so obviously they dont want their own brand, blogger, to be searched there as quickly hence it does not send a ping.

    This does affect how we rank in search engines, which is a bad thing.

    Obviously my points are more related to the technical side I look forward to seeing what the other wordpressers have to say.

  3. Wordpress is waayyyy easier when you get used to it, you just need to fiddle about.


    It does this cool thing where when you have a link a little snapshot deally pops up.

    And it's just deadly.

    And it doesn't have that type in the letters thing on comments.

  4. Shan - I won't repeat what Ash's said but basically your pluses relate to stats, that I never had access to, and public access & broadening ourselves which I avoid thinking about, and acclaimed easier use which I've yet to believe.

    RP - Although in theory commenting on WP is easier, if you want to log in first it takes 8 windows to get you back to where you wanted to comment so that's a lot less user friendly.

  5. Could we not have a trial period using WP? Give it a month and see what it's like. Trying to get used to it before dismissing the idea?

    After a month or so we'll do an assessment discussing pros and cons. We could have it IRL! With food fights and mud wrestling at the Shan resident in August.

  6. I'm extremely pro-WordPress. From my POV, it's easier to use, far more customisable and very easy to set up if ye decide to move to

  7. wooah top man daz, you registered the domain fair play to you.

  8. Just so we're clear - it belongs to the 49£ers, not me. It may never be used, but it's good to have it.

    (Yes, I am that nerdy!)

  9. Fair play Daz. That was something worth doing.

  10. As uber-overlord here's what we're going to do :)

    First my thoughts on Shan's post:

    1. If any of you want access to stats I have a Sitemeter already running which is more comprehensive than the Wordpress version. I've said more than once before that all you have to do is ask for the username and password.

    2. Not an issue here

    3. I agree with this. I'm all about the visuals and on my own, Wordpress, blog there are many beautiful varieties of template. I'm tired of this one. However any time I suggeste change many LBPs wanted to stay as we were.

    4. I'm not that bothered about how many people are reading us that was and I don't think a lot of us are.

    5. This is very true.

    6. I'll take your word for this, again Daz, nice one on the domain!

    It has been suggested that we set up a "mess" Wordpress blog only accessible by us that we could feck around with for a few weeks just to see how we liked it. Maybe this is the way to go?

    I am, however, very much with the EU on this. At the end of the process we take a vote and if there's even one dissenter then we stay as we are.

    One for all and all for one.