Thursday, June 19, 2008

Do one thing every day that scares ya!!

You know that Baz Luhrmann Suncreen song that says "do one thing every day that scares you", well I've kinda been living up to that lately! I've done some things lately, both for fun and necessity and the challenge itself, that have literally scared the bejaysus out of me. And I'm scared of everything. I'm the ultimate control freak and don't like being scared.
Recently I've tried abseiling, climbing, open water swimming and even trying to cycle downhill without my hands on the brake!! Aaargh! I also got a chance to interview a hero of mine from the world of mountain/ultra running for the other sporty blog I write for. I was petrified! But with the help and advice of a blogging buddy, it didn't turn out too bad at all. Well if you discount the 14 million times I said "like", you know like....

So have you done anything lately that surprised or scared you? I know Midge is always up to something new...

And totally off topic have you seen the Rooney/ McLoughlin wedding photos? She is absolutely gorgeous!! AWWWW the dress.......the dress.....


  1. I, like, haven't really, like, thought about what, like, scares me so I will, like, have a good think. I'm impressed that you seek out and then go through with the things that scares you. Not sure why you'd want to bike down a hill with no hands on the brakes. Death wish or training? Regardless of reason you had, I'm impressed.

  2. Hey Dolly, the brakes thing is for training. I lose lots of time in a race if I can't just fly down hill. It's like free minutes that you don't use energy gaining if you can just let go.
    But I'm hopeless at it!

    I haven't really been seeking these things out, they all had a reason really...

  3. I don't think I do something that scares me each day, but I try my best not to say 'no' to things. When an opportunity arises or an event is on or I have a chance to meet someone new, I try to always say yes and go with the flow rather than simply wander home and vegetate in front of my telly (I do that a lot too).

  4. I avoid fear and I avoid pain as much as I can, never escaping either. I also avoid exercise but having Ash in my life I ever have the koudos of knowing an ueber athlete so never more will I have to even pretend to do exercise, it's enough talking about Ash. Thanks for that.

    Yes, I saw the pictures earlier. I did think her dress was lovely, and I thought he looked very well too. Surprisingly classy, I would have expected them to go the crass route.

  5. You're right Darren, Don't say 'no', say 'oh!'

    Blowfish cupcake?

    I too avoid pain and fear. And watch telly. I wonder will I ever change?

    Ash, have you tried closing your eyes on the downhills? That might help ;)

  6. Feel the fear and do it anyway....Susan Jeffers, do something everyday that is outside your comfort zone, and therefore you expand your comfort zone and then you are more comfortable, She says that you aren't living fully if you aren't challenging yourself, and fear is an important part of that, now I chickened out of the burlesque class, so I suppose that was too far out of my league when I shouldn't have pushed it too far!