Monday, June 23, 2008

Pretty Feet

One of the things I love to do especially on holiday is people watch. Hubby and I loved sitting on the veranda in Sorrento looking at the sea etc however it was always nice to have a laugh about our other holiday makers. One night four people sat down beside us a Polish woman and three English people. The Polish woman was quite a beauty but all she spoke about was clothe's and shoe's now don't get me wrong I love both but to bring fifteen pair's of shoe's for five night's in Sorrento and two in Capri even to me seems crazy. Oh yes she made sure everyone knew she was going to Capri for two night's. They got louder and louder trying to outdo each other. A few nights later we are having a drink (got to love ammeretto) and one of the couples sat beside us she kept lifting up her foot and looking at it and then I heard" ooohhh pretty feet" from her partner I'm sorry but I really felt like laughing.

The one thing that really annoyed me was when some couple's were dancing and people sitting there saying bad footwork etc I felt like saying get up yourself and show us then. On saying that we met some lovely people and had a laugh with them .


  1. you'd be lucky to get me bring one pair of shoes on holiday.

  2. 15 pairs huh... All of a sudden I don't feel so bad about packing 3 pairs of which 1 pair are trainers.