Monday, June 23, 2008

Shan's moving northside...

Yes we'll soon have another Northsider in our ranks and not just Shan, but Mrs. Shan and Shan junior too. Plans are to sell up once the sunroom's finished and head to the proper side of town. I think since Tib hasn't been around and Mr Pink has left the ranks that I might be the only Northsider left - but that won't be for long.

This post may just in fact be me starting false rumours about Shan for the sole purpose of inciting him to defent himself and thus comment on my posts.


  1. oh my god .
    he never said anything , do you think he is trying to leave without me knowing

  2. Milan, you are not alone, I lived on the northside for the past 3 years before I left Ireland. When I get back I will preferably be there again - all depends on the state of the flats available in my price range this august.

  3. VD - yay, I am not alone, you are here with me, blah blah. Everything lately seems to turn into a song lyric, and usually a lyric that I can only remember bits of. Anyway, go on the DNS.