Thursday, July 10, 2008

Arrogant soda scones on my desk with the sun shining on them

I have been Memed.

Hope it's not painful and will clear up with cream.

Apparently I go about this as follows:

1. List two things that irritate you for a reason (and list the reason!), and two things that irritate you for no apparent reason whatsoever!!

2. Give credit to the person who tagged you - the lovely Lottie

3. Link your answers to the original blog, that’s here (!

4. Tag four new people to participate.

Easy peasy. Although I very much try not to be the sort of person who is irritated quite frequently.

1. Arrogant people.

Hate the feckers. I work in an office that has its fair share of them. You know the type, believe that the world and all that is in it is theirs and theirs alone. Not a scrap of humility, compassion or human decency in any one of them. I stay under their radar deliberately.

2. Sharing my desk.

I share my desk. First half of the day is mine, later shift belongs to another girl. The number of times I've come in early of a morning to cold coffee in half empty cups, opened envelopes discarded, piles of crap to my left and she's left herself logged in so I have to go round the back and pull out the power cable so I can start my working day. Now don't get me wrong, she's a nice girl and unfortunately I'm not really the assertive type so I've never confronted her over this. Probably should.

As for things that irritate me for no apparent reason that's slightly harder.

1. How the soda scones are gone in the canteen almost very morning by the time I make it in for my break

Yes, I know I could go in earlier but it's a matter of principle. Hungry bastids.

2. The way the Sun shines in my window here for an hour or two in the morning and I have to have the curtains pulled over so I can't see out at anyone or anything.

It's why I like overcast days.

All work based too I see but I am in my cubicle and I have very limited imagination today.

For my four I nominate MW, Shan, Ash and Dolly. Lads?


  1. You need to get out of the office more.

    I would hate to share my desk. I hate it when someone even sit son my seat. It's my personal space - piss off people!!

    Ahem, also, I don't like scones.

  2. I have been memed so many bloomin times! But Yay I have a great compute now so I am more tolerant! Will do it later!!!!

  3. Ah jaysus well you have pissed me off again, if I get a moment over the weekend I shall endeavour to do it.

  4. I don't have to do it cause I wasn't given the calling. Ha ha.

  5. So my teeth will probably rot, my nails grow inwards, my hair fall out but I'm not going to tag someone else with this one. I didn't enjoy listing them and I even feel a bit angry now after doing this.

    Two things I find irritating with listed reasons:

    * Empty toilet paper rolls
    At least once per week at work I'm struggling to understand how the simple act of replacing an empty roll of toilet paper for a new one seems to be incredibly difficult for some people. I suspect these are the same people who will not pick up their paper towel if they miss the waste basket. I wonder if I'd ask him/her if I ever catch one of these. I think not.

    * Tags on the inside of clothes
    They are scratchy, they hurt, they are of little help. I hate them and I hate that I still can't cut them off without making a hole.

    Things I can't really give a reason for, but are irritating:

    * Curtains
    * People eating candybars

  6. I simply could not share my desk.... It would drive me absolutely bonkers!

  7. Apologies SL for missing all this....I'm such a bad blogger. :-(