Thursday, July 10, 2008

Car tales of old: part 3

A few years back I had a car that looked a bit like this:
It served me well, but then one day it got nicked by a handbag thief. When the Gards asked me to list what was in the car; apart from my driving licence and bits & pieces, I specifically made reference to the 50 of so bars of Cadbury's Turkish that were lying as temptress in the back seat.
You see I normally had them hidden in the boot but that morning I left them in the back seat & it must have contributed to the theft. My Dad got me a box of them wholesale, but no reason is necessary when it comes to Cadbury's Turkish.

Anyway, a few weeks later I got a call from my local friendly Gard to say yer man had been nabbed, literally, having squashed himself between 2 cars while breaking a light after another handbag-rob. Months later, when yer man was going to court they called me back to go through my story again so I called over to an unfamiliar Garda station but the only room they had free that day was the interrogation room, with an iron chair nailed to the floor

and a camera pointing in my face with a television screen beside it with me in it. I looked at the Gard. She said it's ok, it's not recording. As if that was supposed to make me feel better.

I decided against mentioning that I'd effected a collision earlier that day going down a hill. But it was a small bump & yer man never rang me back so it might as well have not happened - only for the fact that I come across this man's name in my phone all the time.

Shan - you should be proud, I saved all the images before posting them.


  1. Yes. Most important, what happened to the chocolate.

  2. Keeping chocolate in a car - won't they melt?

  3. Just seeing this now. As far as I remember some of the chocolate was all over the floor of the car, some missing...

  4. some missing? and you didn't look further?!