Monday, July 14, 2008

Back and on the attack


Debenhams in Jervis is closed, what's going in there?

M & S in Jervis moved the undies down the back and have fancy new shoe section. Also, fitting room attendants shockingly friendly to soggy, bag laden ladies with mascara down face (me). No moaning or evil looks even when I asked them mind all my wet bags.

Ilac is finally done(ish), still full of skangers and wailing babies though, still, always find it hilarious that people queue inside the door for the ATM for ages when there is one in Dunnes always free. New Dunnes aswell, great sale at the moment, rivaling pennies for cheap jammies.

Dublin bus got some new signs on the stops. That is, where there is a sign at the stop.

H & M Stephens Green is alive, well I haven't actually seen it but I believe the rumours.

Fancy Ted Baker shop now on grafton and boots still there! I heard awful rumour last year that they were trying to make it all up market and getting rid of boots. I always buy umbrellas there when I lose one.

New rooftop restaurant coming soon in marks on grafton, ooooh.

In general, weather still crap, bottle of water still 1.50, coffee in starbucks still crap, sale in topshop still full of stuff from 2005. But wait, there is a something new, the recession!!

It's good to be home


  1. Welcome home voodoo. I feel like i've vicariously come home from a long journey with you. Have you decided whether you're going to meet us in the flesh or not?

  2. Welcome home!!

    It seems positive that you've been shopping so extensively aleady ;)

  3. I'm with Milan here. I felt I was coming home reading this post eventhough I haven't been traveling with you and I hardly know the streets you refer to.

    Hope you'll enjoy coming back - and that you will meet up.

  4. You don't have to be away for long to be surprised at the constantly changing face of Dublin. Every few weeks I head over to the O'Connell Street end of the city and there's sweeping changes every time.

  5. welcome home VL! Have you been to Lush? I was in town yesterday with the littlist piglet, headed straight to Lush!

  6. Welcome back Voodoo, hope you enjoy it being back now let us know who you really are!

  7. SUNG

    "She's comin' home, she's comin' home, she's comin; VL's comin' home..."


  8. @SL Do I detect a football chant? Begone!