Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I need your help, thoughts, ideas, suggestions...general knowingness really. Sunday afternoon I'm having the family round to celebrate a couple of people doing a little trek through the Gobi desert. To highlight the Gobi-ness I'm themeing the afternoon China-style, I've even got a dress, but need to find outfits for the kids. I found a shop that sold lanterns and the like but need suggestions for theming the house/ music/ garden/ clothes/ food.....

Thanking you helpful lot in anticipation... :-)


  1. Sorry no idea whatsoever, China isn't my bag.

  2. I suppose you just need to get into the Chinese supermarket on George's st and ask them? They probably have lots!

    Though I suppose there isn't the Chinatown tourist angle here yet, is there - we don't stock leprechauns in Tesco...

  3. 好的灰,像米蘭我真正地不知道關於瓷,除了他們做好食物和它的平靜相當粗劣。

  4. Ash, my sincerest apoligies for the fat lot of use we are to you, except for Shan who knows language like that isn't fit for a family audience.

    I am similarly useless. You need MW in this situation...

  5. Sorry - I've no clue either.

    @Shan Helpful! Very helpful!

  6. chopstick's, lotus flower's ,beautiful fan's, coloured silk. olympic mascot, dragon, sorry mind is going wild .