Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Here we go again

Here I am at home it's lashing rain outside, phone rings "hi this is sky tv" hello I said is Mr williams there , no . I asked what's the problem "it's about special offer's , but i cant talk to you about it as I must speak to person on the bill ". Now this is the third time this has happened to me so I was,nt in the best of form.

He wanted to ring back this evening , you will be lucky he won't be home till late . Ok I'll ring at weekend, same thing he will be working . Why can't they talk to me? something about data protection . I find this annoying as he has no idea what offer would be good or not as he seldom look's at tv.

You see he is a driving instructor and at the moment everyone is panicing so I seldom see him , my life is answering phone call's etc and then the people I want to talk to won't talk to me . I finished my call to sky saying " if you talk to him tell him I said hi". I know all this work will finish soon people will get lapse again but at the moment I feel like screaming.


  1. Next time challenge them by saying yes, that's you. If they try to suggest you're lying, say you protect your privacy and physical safety by using a man's name, how can you help them?

    Social engineering pays off.

  2. I agree, good one Atreus. Hope Maine is going well for you.

  3. Ails, have you ever considered it's a blessing that telemarketers aren't allowed legally talk to you? ;)