Sunday, July 20, 2008


I have a confession. Maybe even more than one.

Number one is that when I went to Lidl on Friday, I impulse bought a bottle of Asti Spumante - for €1.99

I thought feck it, it's bubbly, it'll be sweet, it'll open with a pop and some vapour and it's €1.99...

Well, it was sweet and tasty with an appley tanginess that made it taste like fizzy pop. Sure it had a bit of an aftertaste but hey, it was €1.99 - I'm not Philistine, I like expensive dry champagne, but this beat a simple bottle of Heineken or something equally without ambiance.

My second confession is that last night, while baking and tired, I might just have finished it off, straight from the bottle in sneaky glugs by the fridge door.

Go on - judge me!

Or join me... ;)


  1. Cheap bubbly is alright, but Lidl... Sorry but that's a store I just can't brign myself to enter. It should've stayed in Germany.