Sunday, July 20, 2008

I love mannequin.

I love lamp...

No this isn't actually a post about that, just a cheap excuse to declare my love for lamp.

I was in a well known department store the other day having a wander around, and there were a few mannequins as would be expected.

As I was walking by, this little blonde baby, I'd say around three, got up to the mannequins and started singing that song from Barney, you know, the I love you, you love me...

She sang the whole thing to these two mannequins in bras and frilly knickers! It was so cute, she was hugging the legs of the mannequins and sort of doing a little dance at the same time.


  1. Further proof of my belief that kids are stoopid!

  2. You thought that was cute? This is super-cute!

  3. It was truly one of the daftest moments i've seen in a while...

    Jo: that's so cute!

    Lottie: some kids are geniuses :)

    My nephew on the other hand is a genius: He once told me he needed loads of money, I said why, and he said it was cause he needed to go to LA to join the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

  4. I hope you gave your nephew all your money!

  5. Excellent I prob have about a tenner now for the fund.

    Further donations always welcome.