Thursday, July 10, 2008

encroaching lunacy

I seem to have crossed a line. I'm repeatedly using a behaviour that unnerves me when I observe it in others.

I'm using a lot of double question marks these days. Multiple exclamation marks must wait around the corner.

Am I losing my reason?? AM I GOING INSANE??


  1. Sloppy??

    Anyhow - Swedish have rules for using ? and !. You use one unless on very rare instances where you may use multiples, but then they must be three. Never two or more.

    (Noone seems care/know except us few lingo fascists.)

    BUT - are there similar rules for English? (Sorry I'm boring but I'd really like to know :)

  2. Good lord. Not with punctuation. Well, (an?) ellipses must be three dots.

    I would say that multiple explamation and question marks are severely frowned upon. Like lesbainism and Queen Victoria, the grammarians never made the rule because they couldn't conceive of anyone doing such a heinous thing :)