Monday, July 28, 2008

Holidays at last yippee!!!

So my holidays have finally arrived and of to Wexford I go.

Tomorrow morning the 3 of us head to Enniscorthy untill Wednesday, happy days.

We had a phone call, after our shit week last week, from the creche on friday morning to say to come up and pick up Shan Jr, she is suspected of having Chicken Pox. Well still no sign of anything other than a pimple on the side of her eye which is now going away, so Wexford here we come.

I have not forgotten about Friday, although plans have changed slightly, BBQ aint going to happen, blame James (see a few posts back), instead we will have some party food with crisps peanuts dips and all that sort of shit, if you wanna bring some scoff please do, but one thing I hope you can all help with is to bring some drink with you.

I will let SL know the address for all that are coming and if you need directions, get a gps system!!!

Only kidding send me an email and I can send you a google link to the house.

Oh forgot to say Im off to Wexford, with no internet or email, so see you all Wednesday!


  1. Anyone who is coming drop me a mail and I'll sort you out for directions...

    Who is coming anyway?

    Roll call?

  2. I am so, so sorry to hear that tragic news. My thoughts and condolences are with you at this difficult time. Obviously it will be a hardship to endure but keep the faith, chin up and remember there IS a road out of the entire cesspit that is Wexford, so the torture will eventually end.

    May God have mercy on your souls.

  3. I may head over. If any1 needs a lift let me know.

  4. Enjoy the break. Hopefully it will all go smoothly this time.

  5. I am able to attend then? My unborn child will be ok? :-) Count me in, oh and Plasmonic also! Have a ball in Enniscorthy.

  6. I'm there too and will be driving from town if anyone needs a lift.

  7. So, Shan and Mrs Shan, MW and Plas, Milan and me and maybe Id.

    Where is everyone else?