Monday, July 28, 2008

Brush with the law!

Friday night I dragged my drained pregnant ass out to the Noggin to see Jo the Mama's hubby's band play,and although I could only stay for a few songs (it was approaching the witching hour and I was like a fecking zombie) I enjoyed "The Juice" loads! So my slightly tipsy boyfriend and I got into Alan the Almera and headed over to the dark side, sorry I mean the north side! While on Alfie Byrne road I saw a Garda checkpoint up ahead, confident and smug I drove up when the young Garda beckoned....I knew my tax and insurance were up to date and and I hadn't been drinking, but horror of horrors he beckoned me to pull over.......

"Your NCT is out by five months" FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK

I had really forgotten about it, I remember a few months ago looking at it and thinking, oh that's weird I haven't had a letter from the NCT people, I should do something about that..... And that's where it stopped. So now it was after midnight I was shattered and just wanted to cry, I could also sense the disapproval from my boyfriend, he would never get into trouble with the police! I gave my details, and the lovely young police man gave me a month instead of the usual ten days to present the NCT cert, I had to bring my insurance cert to the station the next day as well.

I was mortified, I have never even received a parking ticket, and I am so so so so so sooooo broke that this is gonna fuck me up for a while, if I hadn't already booked and paid for my flights to Spain to see my brother there would be no way I'd be going! Kids aren't gonna be getting their bunk beds for a while I suppose! I was in horrible form and my poor boyfriend had to put up with me, I think as we drove away I said something like "well you know we definitely won't be having sex tonight!!!!" (I later recanted on this!) I was so upset, I had just had the worst day (I had a run in with an elderly female Hitler in Blackrock earlier that day when she had attempted to run over my daughter).

I should have a sign around my neck at the moment that says "Approach with caution"! Looking forward to Blog get 2 gether on Friday......


  1. Crappity crap, indeed. How much is the dreaded fine, Midge? They do usually send you a notice, can you not plead that it's their fault?

  2. A month is loads of time MW. And is there a fine if you produce it? I don't think so.

    It's all money money money and there's always something more. But head up and try not to let it get you down too much.

  3. My NCT is out this week and by total fluke I looked at it last week and noticed the date but can't get an appointment for a test til mid September. The woman on the phone said the Gards are lenient because they know there are delays, supposedly.

  4. It's not a fine Jo, I have got an appointment for the 12th August, then I'll have to go off get whatever needs to be done done and then bring it back. If I don't produce the cert it's a summons to court! So I think I'll just get it done asap!