Thursday, July 03, 2008

I miss my builders!

Yesterday was a very very sad day for me, my builders left me, now I feel insecure if anyhting goes wrong in my newly rejuevenated house.

I took Tuesday off work, hoping for it to be the last day but the rain put a stop to that as the outside walls needed rendering and as soon as Marius had begun to pebbledash the wall the rain washed it away, but I did help dan out chasing a wire to the hotpress, and saw what a skill it is to be a plasterer. Marius was fantastic, bit grumpy but an artist in his work, it was amazing to watch a perfectionist in action, all the walls are level to which is unheard of in Ireland.

Yesterday Pavel and Marius were left on the job, Dan the main builder throughout moved on to his next gig, it was emotional saying goodbye to him, he did everything I asked for and more. So yesterday the 2 guys left cleaned the inside to lab standards, and packed up their gear and left. They left me 24 roof tiles as I am thinking of making Shan Jr a house in the garden to play in, but when I opened the shed I noticed they left me 2 and a half bags of cement, plastering sand and bonding cement, I never asked for it but they have saved me a fortune for the wall I will build to create the tier effect in the garden. But oh how I miss them!

So much so that I am recommending them to everyone I know, even my job.

We are looking at renovating the building I work in and reception is key to this. At the reception area at the moment is a long coridor that leads outside to a deck area (smoking area) we want to get this reglazed and make it a lot more funky. So I got in touch with Phil from Park Avenue Conservatories, and he is coming in this afternoon to give a quote. So my friendly builders may be back sooner then I thought. Woohoo.


  1. Where has all of Shan's patented cynicism gone? That post actually sounds positive.

    Glad things are finally coming close to finishing.

  2. Shan, sounds like a love-in with you and the builders. Have you told Mrs Shan of these feelings you have for your builders. I recommend looking at some Village People videos on you-tube to bring back the fond memories.

  3. Hee, MW.

    Aw Shan, you'll just have to add an extra wing next. Will your lovely builders be going home now the building boom is over - and hopefully starting there?