Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I actually forgot how to use blogger!

But it's ok it's all coming back to me now.

Anywho, picture the scene, it's a misty June Saturday morning, it's 7.45, and Raptureponies has to work. On a Saturday you say? On a Saturday she sighs.

RP nips out to her car, she'll have breakfast at work. So she nips out to her car and something isn't quite right. She licks her finger and checks the wind, that seems normal.

She doesn't see any wild animals and then it hits her. Flat tyre. Raarrrrr. Ok it's ok she went out early, so has a few minutes to get this sorted.

Back into the house: RP Senior, there's a flat tyre. HELP.

RP Senior kindly obliges, in jig time and RP makes it out to work at a reasonable hour.

Now, transport yourself to a thriving bustling metropolis in the Midlands. RP has been in court (not for herself you understand, to report and that), she's had a busy day, and is looking forward to heading home, for a brisk run around the paddock.

Stuck in traffic, she's driving past some roadworks when the car in front swerves.

Raarrrrrr AGAIN, just a few short days later. Less than a week in fact. A WRECKING BALL is in the middle of the road, RPs does not see it in time and maims her tyre with it.

The car starts to pull, the rain starts to bucket, RPs pulls over. Agh. What do I do?

Ah petrol station, excellent.

However RPs is strong, confident woman and will change this tyre herself. Ha, yeah right.

She's just glad to see the age of chivalry is not dead, and three, count them, three men (granted one of them was driving a hot pink car with big silver alloys) came to her aid.

She got home safely, but her tyre has seen better days.

Let the ha, woman driver comments beging in 5,4,3,2...


  1. The only time I had a blow out I called the husband and waited for him to come fix it for me.

    And now I"m with Hibernian, who include a call out/rescue service.

    I have a friend who's had a bizarre amount of flats and has got v handly with changing tires, but I have to admit, feminist as it isn't, I have no interest in knowing how to or changing tires myself and would be v grateful for any manly assistance offered me in the event of a flat. I know it's not right, but I'd sew on a button for anyone who needs me to if they'll change my tire!

  2. Welcome back sweetie!

    Ex husband come to fix my flat during christmas holidays! That's a gentleman!

  3. *blushes*

    Yours was a little far this evening Orpees or I would have gone to assist in true gentleman fashion, of course.

    I shall take no pride or pleasure in having lured you back either :)

  4. Well hello, Ms RP!

    I'd like to claim to be a chivalrous gent, but I've only done my bit by default. I've been volunteered by Lottie to help a distressed damsel and I've rescued Lottie twice.

    That said, if I saw someone in need, I'd do my best to help.

  5. Jaysus your back, WB.

    In relation to changing tyres, equal rights and all that I would have to say you burst it you fix it, while I sit in the car applying my makeup.

  6. @RP - I for one don't think it is sexist or weak to ask a males help to change a tyre. We are girls. We are pretty and clean and we smell nice. We do not need or want to be covered in oil, butt cheeks to the world trying to yank a trye off a car.

    Women have babies, they are naturally more affectionate and caring. We have a constantly declining metabolism which means we don't get to eat all the lovely foods men do. Women multi-task and clean-up without moaning. We can have ordinary "not the end of the world" colds. We recover. The least a man can do is change a bloody tyre!

  7. Nice to see you back RP. I have many many car breakdown sotires, they exceed my number of getting stoped by Garda stories. For another day.

  8. Oi, Lottie, noooo!

    Caring and more affectionate? I recall you telling a stranger's baby to shut up.

    Multi-task and clean up? Ahem...

    And as for the 'ordinary colds' - that may be true, but we only get them once a year. Ye are constantly sick - headaches, backaches, stomach pains, sore feet, tender bits...the list goes on.

    And finally, I, for one, would love to see your exposed butt cheeks!! :)

    Now, make the tea while I put some shelves up.

  9. Ah thanks lads, :D nice to be here for another while anyway!

    Lottie: You're absolutely right.

    I'm actually quite worried now though, 'cause i haven't gotten it fixed, but am still driving.

    I don't think I mentioned my last flat tyre, before this last one, I mean my last one about 10 or 11 months ago, I got a man out of bed at 7 in the morning to fix it, and not one complaint, impressed I was.

    Hopefully will be ok for a while now, RPs feels like she might be jinxing herself.

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