Monday, July 14, 2008

My arse hurts!

So as you are all aware the builders left, what seems like an eternity ago, so the interior work began with gusto.

Painting has proved to be a pain in the arse, but not as much of a pain that I recieved last night. The whole of downstairs needs to be painted, so far we have painted the sunroom (which fortunatley has a wooden ceiling so that did not need painting), the dining room/kitchen since its all one big room now and last night the sittingroom. The dining room/kitchen needed the ceilings painted as did the sitting room, this job was left to me as I am taller then herself.

We decided to tackle the sitting room last night about 9.30 and I got going with the ceiling, everything was going grand untill about halfway across. I was using one of our high back dining room chairs to stand on and on route to getting more paint the bootom of my back (the crease of my arse near the coccyx) hit one of the side bars at the top of the chair, it was absolute fucking agony, and here I am sitting in work in pain.

This agony was further angered with the fact that while shovelling nearly 2 tonnes of clay around the back garden over the weekend, last night I got attacked by some fucker of an insect, lord knows what one, that unknown to me bit me like crazy, I never get bitten so this must be some new strain of bitus cuntis so this morning I awoke with my body itching like mad. I am not happy at all.

If anything good came of the weekend it was that I have rehooked the computer at home on a brand spanking new beautifull glass computer desk it really is swanky, so I should be able to post a bit more here and on my personal blog again.


  1. Oo, I wouldn't fancy polishing that!

    Your injury sounds sore! IS it just bruising or have you put something out? If you think it's out, go to the osteopath, otherswise head up to Nelson's pharmacy and ask them to prescribe some arnica 200.

  2. I think its just bruised I can still walk and sit down just a niggly bastard of a pain though.

    I now fully understand what people mean by a pain in the arse.

  3. Really, only now? I mean you have met Darren, haven't you?!

    Sympathies on the pain dude. Fully with jothemama on the Arnica - that or eucalyptus deep heat type stuff. I hope you're nearly finished the painting!

  4. If I woke up with a sore bum and a rash I would get a second opinion buddy!

  5. Yep done the hole (get it) arnica thing, has not relieved the pain, as for you McGivney well I have nothing to say to that comment.

  6. ooh - sounds painful. Feel better and maybe stay off the furniture for a while.

  7. Keep taking it Shan.

    Put it in water and stir it up tn times each time before you take a spoon.

    IT does work best if you get it immediately, I have to admit.

  8. Hate that Shan. Hope you get it sorted soon. Maybe it was the soul of the sunroom getting one back on you for publicly associating your naked flesh with the sunroom.

  9. Whine, whine, whine. Get a grip and finish that paint job.

    I might feel a little bit sorry for you, but if I do I won't tell you.

  10. You might need to get it checked out... a friend of mine fell on a rock in some water, and broke some good painkillers!