Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Apologies for lack of posts. I've really just been training hard, been away in Switzerland and Germany and been unwell too! I've barely had a chance to catch up on all your news! Jeez a lot has been happening in the couple of posts I did get to! (Congrats Midge!!)

I'm less than 6 weeks away from the Ironman I've entered and I'm totally consumed by the whole thing. It has literally taken over my life. The kids are in Summer Camp the whol time so I can continue training thoughout the summer and as my husband likes to put it: "We're just gettin' in the way of your training". Every thought and action and plan is met with my brain thinking "How will that affect the training for the Ironman?" I'm obsessed.

(BTW I hate those you tube ironman motivational clips but I had to put soemthing at the top of the post....)


  1. You athletes... when it's all over will you let me ply you with cake?

    Take care of yourself, you little superwoman!

  2. Cheers Jo. I'm eating lots of cake at the moment, none as nice as yours I'm sure! I'd say I eat more than 2 average people per day, I'm in a constant state of hunger. It's almost to the point of eating while I swim.....

  3. Fair play Ash. I know you'll do great at it. It's always good to have an obsession every now and then.

  4. I'm so impressed and hope it'll go well. If I could I'd give you some of my energy since it sounds like you'd burn it right off :)

  5. Please please give me some of your energy....I'm like a sloth!!!!

    You are fab and you know that, a real inspiration to sloths like me! I have been bringing two older kids swimming every morning, but I just float whale like!!! I'd love to combine eating and swimming!