Saturday, July 05, 2008

Oops they did it again.

Why oh why are my kid's the way they are.

First my daughter and her boyfriend whom I affectionately call " Bastard features" arrived over , now that was great but when you go to their house it is immaculate. In they come and he dragged muck all over the hall he looked at me and started laughing now i really like him even if he does remind me of hubby's annoying habit's and dry sense of humour. We went down town and I have ordered a new suite of furniture. Had a lovely day and ended up having pizza and playing Wii.

Friday came and I had to work ,arrived home was watching big brother and looking at the internet when i got a message and saw those terrible children of mine sitting there half naked and that brat idiot taking me off . By the way I don't have that accent I am from south Dublin. What did I do to deserve them as I said last night to them it's just as well I don't see them that much especially idiot. Now I have just heard they put it up on youtube where did I go wrong ,was I a bad mother ?


  1. OH Ails, it was sooo funny, I'd love to be able to post exactly what all the ladies said while watching the video!!!

  2. Please, please, please, please can we post the video here?

  3. Ails, it was hilarious. They shame you but they entertain us.

  4. Please do tell what all the ladies were saying while they swooned to the floor.

    Sorry ma it had to be done, you know no party is the same unless we are there in some shape or form.

    Should I post the video, would have to discuss that with the Idiot.