Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Should have gone to Spain!

So week 1 of my summer holidays, sun is shining birds are twittering. I should be away somewhere hot with a swimming pool and cheap beers, but oh no work has to be done the house, floors need leveling, floors need to be laid, Stairs and landing need recarpeting, painting needs to be touched up, skirting boards need to be cut and placed on the walls, furniture needs to be moved back into position and the house needs to be cleaned up and all this has to be done for Shan Jrs birthday party on Saturday.

So myself and Mrs Shan came up with an idea!

For our first week off we will send Shan Jr to creche and we will work our titties off for the week getting all of the above done. Everything was going according to plan, on Saturday we went and bought the 63 square meters of wood we need for the floor, ordered the carpet, and finished of the painting. Then the unthinkable happened.

It was about 5pm on Saturday and the house phone rang, I had a feeling I recognised the number since it ended with the digits 666, which in this case was a bringer of doom. It was my work collegue James.

He never phones me unless there is a problem.

I was hesitant in answering it, I wished to be in Spain. I answered the phone and had this low toned voice speak to me. Earlier that morning James tripped and fell and broke his foot, thus taking him out of action. So why was he ringing me, to find out if I could sacrifice my holidays to go into work for him.


So I have given work one week back from my holidays as next week we have planned to go to Wexford for a few days at the start of the week. Work on the house now has gone back to a slowdown, although I am working during the day, once I go home I eat, spend 30 mins with Shan Jr then get straight back into the work again, last night I was up to 2.30 working on leveling the floor, tonight will be the same maybe later as will Wednesday night. Hopefully I may get off Friday although its doubtful.

Anyhow just thought I would let you guys know how much I am enjoying my holidays, as I sit here in work waiting for the next gig!


  1. Bummer! I hope they'll give you extra days off later on.

  2. That sucks. At least you have some holidays to look forward to now.

  3. Boo, Shan. you never should have answered the phone :|(

  4. ohh holiday's
    stop moaning and get on with it . hee hee
    hope all floor's are done by sat

  5. Don't you ever watch horror movies? NEVER ANSWER THE PHONE!!!