Wednesday, July 23, 2008

trigeminal neuralgia

I han'nt posted over the past few week's because of the constant pain in my face . I know that sounds funny but I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia twenty three year's ago. The problem is , nobody can see the pain , so when I'm not in the best of form I get , what's up with you .

I hav'nt had it as bad as this for many years just every once in a while but this time it's going on for the past two week's and really getting me down. I was reading up on it on the internet today and it get's worse as you get older , great. So in my pain I decided to have a sausage roll last saturday and broke my front tooth in half, now I really really hate dentist's but I have made an appointment for tomorrow and am really scared and worried that my face will get worse. So please keep your finger's crossed for me. So to my kid's look up the internet and maybe then you will understand.


  1. Always believed you were in pain mum. Dont be worried about the dentist, just do what I do and TELL him to knock you out. Wake up feeling weird but teeths all better. Hope it goes well, I miss your smile.

  2. It'll be over soon, the teeth. Get soem rescue remedy to take the edge off your anxiety.

    If I were you, well, I'd go see a homoeopath, but I'd also consider getting my sons to score me some marijuana and roll me some nice pain killing joints. Or you could do some baking.

  3. Sounds and looks terrible. I'm so sorry to hear. Hope the dentist appointment works out OK and that you will find ways to ease the pain.

  4. Oh my God this sounds awful. I hope you'll be ok.

  5. That reminds when I used to have tinitus. Even though it wasn't a physical pain when it arrived it would stay for 2 or 3 days and you just can't function with it.