Wednesday, July 02, 2008

ToeJam Car Boot

Ok, so I have an insider interest as I'll be trading there, but the Toejam Car Boot Sale looks deadly! Though if you drink as much as they're planning for you to, God knows what dodgy drunken bargains you'll arrive home with!

Here's some photos from the blogger meetup in May:

And here's an article:

Me no linky with sprained hand and new awkward touchpad!

So this looks like a laugh, doesn't it? It's in town, it's all entertainment - none of the slight dourness I've observed at the regular carboots.

I'm going to make an effort to detail what I've baked at - I was too hectic, busy, knackered last week! Though I have posted a pic of my good looking chocolate cake...


  1. i've been thinking about that one, must try and convince my friend to come along, is it big?

  2. small space but it sounds huge and mad!

  3. The Bernard Shaw has a carpark?!?!?!

    I wholeheartedly approve of anything to do with there... When is the next one Jo?

  4. Saturday - after that a month later, I presume. They said that about the car park, no-one knows about it.

  5. It was on last saturday.. i saw it on my way to hangover beach after party town.

    I was actually in there on sat night, i've no idea how they get the cars in, but it's a lovely little spot.