Friday, August 01, 2008

4nine£niteout - The Interweb Version

So, I'm sitting in the kitchen of Shan's house, surrounded by a feast fit for a thousand, sparkling conversation flowing from Shan, Mrs Shan, Id, The Lovely Aoife, Milan, Jo, MW, Plas, Ash and the mega Dolly who I'm meeting for the first time...

My thought after 3 beers and still hungover from the cheap Mace screwtop red wine from last night?

Sure I might as well do a post. Maybe the others will peel off from the food, booze, wanton debauchery (well, there's none yet but Darren and Lottie haven't arrived with the official group spanking paddle yet) and post too.

Shan does have a very nice computer.

And flooring too.

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