Monday, August 11, 2008


For some reason I am very angry today. I don't know why. I can't explain it. I just want to punch someone.

I had a lovely relaxing weekend and yet.

I am angry at my "in tray" this morning. I am angry at the news on the radio. I am angry at the weather. I am angry at the man who just called me. I am angry at the bloke at the DART station ( admittedly this is nothing new). I am angry that my coffee has gone cold so quickly. I am angry that my book is nearly finished.

Lucky for my other half, he made it into the shower this morning before I had time to take my wrath out on him.

I just want to listen to angry music and think angry thoughts. I am not usually so hormonal but woe betide the person who crosses me today.

Grr Argh!


  1. I'm scared to comment on this post ;)

    Today I'm sad and low even though there's no reason for it. I was out on Friday night with friends, spent the weekend with my kids, relaxed on Sunday, brilliant movie in good company last night.

    Yet, here I am, irrationally down.

  2. SL - Don't be scared. I won't hurt you.

    Maybe it's the weather then. Maybe we just need more coffee.

  3. Pass it this way when you are done.

    okay - starting to feel a bit better. I am going to get some real coffee from the coffee shop. No more fecking instant crap!

  4. I'm getting palpitations and feel the panic rising at the mention of the C word. I'm just on the dos this morning. Brain isn't awake enough to be angry or down.

  5. Milan - I have decided that Mondays are now my doss day.

  6. Turns out the self medication didn't work Lottie. Fuck it.

  7. If I were not on my ways to see my kids I'd gladly take you up on that :-(

    Sad but apart from a couple of glasses of wine with dinner on Friday I haven't drunk for over a week.

    Some days it's the only thing to take the edge off.

    Can't believe I'm texting this. Fuck it.

  8. How is that sad?

    In any event, I have discovered the cure. It comes in a little blue wrapper and I call it Drifter.

  9. Hope you'll enjoy a night on the couch while some happy bunny tends to ALL your wants and needs.

  10. Oh sweeties,
    Music can help? some really crappy dirty little secret music, and maybe some spicy food, works better for me than choc!