Monday, August 11, 2008

iPorn or iPr0n

Yay I am back in work after my 2 week break, yippee, yeah right!

Firstly may I thank everyone who turned up to my gaff for the arrival of Dolly to the green isle of Ireland, I really enjoyed the night and I hope everyone else had just as good a time. You were all so mannerly and the house was left in a very respectable fashion. I am so proud of you all!

In other news yes my Nokia E65 died a death, the black screen of death. Basically the phone could still be used but the screen was black so you had no idea who was phoning you, could not read SMS's, could not browse the web you get my drift, so I had 2 choices get an iPhone or take out my previous phone, the Sony k750i, which had serious issues in relation to the joystick not working, so scrolling was impossible (pain for texts).

Since the iPhone stocks are non existent I decided to give the sony a go, god how it did my head in, if I got a long text I had to forward it to a phone that worked like the missus's and read it from there. After a few days of this I was pulling my hair out, I decided to go in search of the elusive iPhone. Not good.

Started off that since I was already a Bill pay customer I could not avail of the stock that went up for sale on the site last Tuesday, since I needed to upgrade and this can only be done instore where they have no phones, not happy, after 1 hour and 15 mins ranting and giving out down the phone to O2 customer care I gave up.

So I was back to the not working well K750i, so I decided to check out online if their was any solution to the joystick problem, that just brought up a lot of pages from others who were also pissed off about the joysticks until I found the Allah of all pages, the disassembly page. Woohoo.

So off went unscrewing my phone, modifying screwdrivers to take out those horrible star shaped screws mobile phones always have, and bingo there it was my phone naked!

So how to fix the joystick, well methylated spirits are the order of the day here, a few drops and a lot of wiggling around the joystick worked again! happy days.

But I still was unhappy, I now wanted the iPhone more than ever, and that shall be the next post "The hunt for white iPhone"


  1. I thought they were available in abundance.

    Think about it. Do you really want one?

    I am going to hold out until they have a bigger memory. In the mean time, I'm thinking (angrily) about
    the Nokia N95.

    That reminds me - I had a domestic inquiry for you. Where did you get your carpets on the stairs - they are fab. We need new carpet and that one would be perfect.

  2. Lottie, the N95 loves you, it's calling to you, it will tuck you into bed at night and make you cocoa.

  3. My phone's being such a pain lately that I'd settle for a Nokia 3210 at this stage.

    (An N95 sounds nice though)

  4. I hate my phone. The new nokia's are so shite that I still have to use 5 year old phone for the alarm and reminders function. There's no phones out there that I like.

  5. @Darren and Lottie

    One of us...

    One of us...

  6. I actually really do like my blackberry. Its small neat and feminine. The N95 is lovely. Tho. Maybe a bit chunky for my pockets.Tho.

    I realised I had said tho too many times. Im just going to channel some Dr. who and go with it. Tho.

  7. you will never ever want a nokia or sony again once you play with an iphone, N95 really nice camera, 8gig memory, gps but fuck all else!

    iPhone has so much more 16 gigs for starters, twitter on it, Facebook, rss readers a plenty great browser for the web, fantastic gps system, iPod, touch screen, cool apps available most of them free, I can even connect to my desktop computer at home and control it!!! from work through it. I will never look back at my sony or nokia again, the iPhone is just so much more then a phone.

    In relation to the carpet Lottie Bargaintown in Bray down the side of superquinn, great price too, I am trying to remember the name of the carpet but cant for the life of me.

  8. shock horror .

    I got two phone call's from shan this weekend . Now you may wonder why?