Monday, August 11, 2008

B is for Boobiesexual

So our word for today children is Boobiesexual, it's a word invented by a polyamorist Podcaster (try saying that with multiple partners bits in your mouth) Minx, the definition of Boobiesexual is a woman who identifies herself as straight, or a man who identifies himself as gay, but who are attracted to breasts, wanting to touch and fondle them, but no interest in sex with the woman.

So it got me thinking, now I don't think I am boobiesexual, I find other bits of women attractive, eyes, lovely soft lips, rounded hips, but I do have a fascination with my own (and others boobs), I just think they look so lovely and round and cuddly, I can often be found staring down my own top....strange?

Then there are men, I am not gonna say, "I love cocks", I will try to be slightly less predictable (btw, I wasn't gonna post about anything remotely sexual until Milan reminded me with the "I kissed a girl" video!) I love my partners shoulders, the way his back slopes down to his lovely little bum, I really love his lips, they are full and soft and I love to rest my head his chest (no moobs!)

So what lights my fellow bloggers fires? Do we have any foot fetishists in our midst? I know we have a few leg and breast men, what about us girlie bloggers? How about bristle versus no bristle? Beards (shudder)? Do we have some moob women?


  1. Oh, too many to mention. Goatee beards, yes. Long hair, or that velvety shaven headed hair, I could touch it all day. The valley in between men's back muscles. THe line of hair from their bellybuttons down that surprisingly long expanse of stomach. Arm muscles. Ah, you're reminding me of my own teenage writings.

    Does anyone know Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill's poem 'Island'? I can't find it online, probably could have typed it out in the time I took looking :(

  2. OOh - I think it's a bit early for this.

    I like cheek bones. Nice teeth. I find Grey hair attractive (Two words - George Clooney) Not really one for the muscles but yes moobs are a little off putting.

    But really I don't thin I can define what's attractive. it very much comes down to personality for me. Give me a total bastard and Im in love.

  3. I'm not drawn to other's boobs. Not facinated by the look of boobs, but I have always felt sorry for men not being able to experience and feel what it's like to have them. They are great!

    In men I'm in to collarbones and how the muscles attach to them. How the skin stretches thin over them. The little place in between them.
    Also hands and lower arms with well defined and developed muscles - like mountain climbers have.

  4. @Dolly - can't say I agree fully that boobs are great. They can be painful and it's very hard to get shirts that fit around them. Boobs don't obey dress sizes.

    I do like the little dips over collar bones now that you say that. I think it's a very sexy part of any body.

  5. i love my own breasts and i had my days of being into breasts, but not anymore. i love people's smiles and their overal posture (don't slouch!!!). i love tattoos and a well proportioned body.
    moobs are deffo out...

  6. Are boys allowed play too?

    Staying away from the obvious wonderful physical attributes women have all you need are pretty eyes, a warm smile, a soft touch and a brain. The rest is peripheral.

    Oh, and boobs, obviously.

  7. I am disappointed there are no Moobiesexuals here!

    I wasn't being too shallow btw, of course attraction is about more than physical things, much more and the brain is the biggest sexual organ in the body, but I was purely talking about physical things.

    I also like the collar bone thing, probably cos I am so roundy I can't see my own, and Jo that trail of hair on a mans stomach...yummy, but not good if whole shomach is covered in hair! Or hairy arse....shudder....or worse a woman with a hairy arse.....

    Ok, enough, nausea raising it's ugly head again

  8. Sorry Midge - we did get off point. I don't think I suffer from Booisexuality but they do look good.

    We had a gay friend who was forever groping my breasts and telling me how nice they were. It generally got a whole lot worse when he was drunk.

    I would almost have thought he was straight (and with a death wish) if hadn't been trying on my shoes at the time.

  9. hehe, I think a smile and dimples are very attractive in a man, also the eyes and I love a nice bum in trousers, I don't like when you can't see a blokes bum.
    I remember your gay friends fasination with your boobs ;-).