Monday, August 11, 2008

The prodigal son

Tib stopped me in the office today. Among other things he said that he had been here for the first time in ages and work was getting a little quieter so he might post again.

I miss his posts, so I hope he does.


  1. I agree it would be nice if Tib could back with his wise words of wisdom, I am sick of the girlie shit going on here now.

    Come back Tibby Tibby Tibby

  2. Go on the Tib. It's about time we got another northsider back. And soon SL will be one of us mwahahahaha. Voodoo and Goldenbeers are out my way and Conformist. It's only a matter of time you all convert. I propose a motion that any newbies bean pickers be from the northside.