Monday, August 11, 2008

baby face

I was sitting in a coffee shop today for a couple of hours trying to banish the blues with caffeine and carrot cake when something caught my eye; the same thing that always does in my situation. A kid.

You see because I don't live with my own every day anymore, other people's catch my eye like never before. As a daddy I have a bit of a knack for noticing when they need a bit of attention and they're not getting it. A few smiles later, maybe a bit of "where's the baby?" hide and seek behind a menu or a book and all is well in their world again, if not mine as little people like that invariably remind me of my own.

I love doing this except in the circumstance where the parent involved gets a glance at what you're doing and, very rarely admittedly, gives you a dirty look as a suspected pervert.

Sad world we live in where this has happened to me a couple of times. You feel like you have to explain yourself "No, no it's ok, I have kids of my own!!" As if that makes it any better.

Today wasn't one of those days but today he didn't smile either. Maybe I'm losing my touch.


  1. You made your sons week tonight by sorting out music onto his phone for him.....that makes up for not making baby smile! I think you have always had the ability to make little people smile, now don't take offence at this, and remember I have given birth to three of your offspring, two with zero pain relief, but you have a big head, and the kids love that, you are like a booble headed toy!

    I know that made you smile!

  2. Well SL, you didn't seem to be the happiest of bunnies yourself yesterday. Kid probably picked that up.

  3. Kids seem to respond well to me too (even though I can't stand most of the little gits). I think I'm still able to get away with playing with kids and have their parents call it youthful exuberance rather than perversion.

    It is such a sad world that those looks are more and more common. I saw it on the DART a few months back, where an elderly gent was being all "hello there young man" to a boy and the mother picked up her son and moved seats. There was nothing creepy or disconcerting about this man. So sad. Imagine how he must have felt.

  4. Ah, I wasn't aware I looked like a bobble headed toy. Another thing to be depressed about.

    This is, of course, a joke. I am being sarcastic.

    It was worth the three hours it took to do it.


  5. sad world indeed... i get those dirty looks from parents all the time (and i'm a girl), even when i am with my step daughter. hard to understand...

  6. Well I think you just need to look at yourself to understand why, simple really!

  7. I'm always surrounded by my brood....three kids and still some women will look oddly at you if you talk to their kids. Kids seem to like me, I don't know why and if I'm in a fun place or the park I must look like I am in charge as kids always ask me stuff, but often parents react as Darren said, taking kids away, in fact my Dad has been asked not to take pictures of his grandsons football team playing, bu other parents.....fucking weird!

    Why do people assume peadophiles are men? Old men? not true. Is it another form of ageism?