Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Go back to sleep. . . .

The Background
Many a year back I went inter-railing, this time by myself. Was on an overnight train from Switzerland to Rome, sharing a carriage with 4 teenage Swiss girls.

The Story
Woke up around 6am in Florence, the Swiss girls were gone and there was an Italian man leaning over me, holding my hand saying "go back to sleep".

Not being much of a person with full faculties at any unGodly hour, I turned on my side and went back to sleep.

A few or 20 minutes later, I felt a hand on my backside and this time it wakes me up and I sit up. My subconscious Italian amour decides I won't be going back to sleep and so leaves.

A few minutes later another Italian pops his head round the door of the carriage and asks if I plan on going back to sleep. I say no. He walks off.

The Moral
There's one thing going through life perving round international trains, but early morning perving, that's the part I can never understand.


  1. Jesus, Milan!Getting nterfered with in your sleep by Inter-railing perverts is all good, but meeting people from the internet is scary? Wow, I'm totally freaked out by this story!

  2. There's a book in your anecdotes Milan - a pervy book.