Sunday, August 03, 2008

Enough Already

Big Brother is now in it's ninth season. It feels like this season is never ending. Every time I turn on E4 looking for some Friends repeats I am greeted with the twittering of birds and orange faces.

I'll admit that I have watched a couple of seasons over the years and I too have become addicted. I have followed each moment of Nadia's transformation to woman kind. I have cheered as Johnny and Kate hopped around on one leg. But ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

Is anyone actually watching this season? Is anyone talking about it or interested in any way?

Is it simply the circles I move in now that everyone is too busy, mature or intelligent to spend their days watching the drivel?

And surely now that Dermot O'Leary has moved on, so should everyone else.


  1. I think E4 killed the show, with its endless hours of watching people sleping, and sitting in a garden listening to birdsong. That's just not television, that's watching your boring next door neighbour with a long lense.

    I refused to watch the first one, til maybe the end, then got sucked in to a few after that.

    But god, life's too short. End it, end it now.

  2. I must be one of the saddo's who watch waiting for something to happen
    but this year with rex's girlfriend going in and all the kissing and cuddling I think I need a sick bucket. For young people they are so dead and boring.
    however it goes to show how little is going on with me.

  3. no Dermot, no point watching. Hence i'm true to my word. Jan was last time i watched BB.