Monday, August 25, 2008


I think it found me. My hangover that is and it's causing me pain. Serious physical and emotional pain. There must be something going around.

I awoke Sunday afternoon with a bruise the size of Luxembourg on my shoulder. The hematoma appears to have mutated into an invisible virus and has spread it's pale green wings down to my elbow and across the back of my neck so that every time I move without conscious pain evasion techniques I feel like I have been bitch slapped by Chuck Norris.

My head is throbbing like a devils member and my once adequate ability of composing full coherent sentences is ...... well you doesn't work so good.

Did you ever have those days when you feel entirely disconnected? Like the world is moving all around you but you're trapped in a muffled hazy bubble? My brain is all muddled. I have no coordination and various parts of my maladroit body, especially the aforementioned offending shoulder keep making heavy contact with various protruding items. And walls. Walls are bastards!

I now have a bleeding finger, a bruised knee and a paper cut on my nose. I am also wondering how many Nurofen I can take before drifting into a coma.

I am a hazard to myself and I think it's for the best that I do nothing more for the rest of the day. And is it just me or does the "new" Oasis song sound like every other Oasis song ever released?


  1. Jesus! Get to bed, girl! Somehow the paerper cut on your nose seems the worst :(

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  3. I'm not in the same league, but i've discovered a bruise in the shape of italy plus sicily on my knee, and a mini one on my arm. I have no idea...

    Hope you're feeling much better after a snooze, and maybe a go of the orgasmatron!

  4. My other half just spotted a giant bruise on my ass. I was thinking it was a bit sore...last time I'm allowed out with the girls!

  5. random bruises, ahhh always the sign of a good night!! roll on picnic!!