Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm not well

I think I am the most hungover a person has ever been. It is 1.30pm and I am slightly coming out of the fog but have not yet made a move to get out of bed. I feel it is just too soon and the thumping in my head would agree.

Sometimes I think I am too old to go out, get wasted, go back to house parties, call people the wrong name, get into a shouting match with a polish man outside a nightclub, demand cups of tea, suffer the loss of an umbrella only to find my friend took it off me in the nightclub because there was some 'swinging' of said umbrella while dancing, realise I never touched up my make-up during the evening and so probably looked like a panda and have my friends discuss how drunk I am and how hilarious it is while I gaze into a cup transfixed.

Is it bad that despite all this I had a great night?


  1. sounds like my kind of night. Oddly similar evening - but a few hours sleep and a good big fry up later and the world is starting to look like a better place.

  2. I tried to get up but it didn't take, still in darkened bedroom. Will the pain ever end??

  3. Heh, now I know why you don't want to meet us in a house!

  4. Some Dexi-Midnight-Runners should perk you up.