Saturday, August 02, 2008

I don't want to be pegnant tonight!

I am in bed, I have been home for an hour, babysitter dispatched safely in Taxi, then up to bed, boyfriend snoring his sweet dreams, I feel like crap.

Went to the nine pounds night out (or in) tonight, and I just wanted not to be pregnant, not to feel tired and nauseous, to be able to have a few beers, to have a brain that's not so hormone addled that I could be good company!

So I had to leave early, babysitter won't wok for nothing! Now I am in bed, listening to BNL and having a cry (boyfriend thinks I am crazy, he's probably only pretending to be asleep), all my blogging friends are out again and I am home, awake with the bloody insomnia, but too brain dead to do anything constructive! I feel left out, I hate my pregnant body right now for being so needy and weak! I wish I was still out having fun and laughing and joking, drinking beer, eating MG soaked salty snacks instead of sitting here in the dark feeling ill!

Sorry, hormonal and lonely.......


  1. Awww Midge, we are missing you loads. You looked great tonight and it was great to see you. Just think of the years of happiness ahead and forget about missing a piddly little night out. Whats pegnant btw :) xxoo

  2. Seriously. Don't. It's broken up into Guitar Hero, chick talk and the opening of Shan's bottle of rum he's had since his honeymoon...

  3. pegnant....fuck, I just need to give up! I actually should have said pignant cos that is closer to how I feel! Rum and ginger ale is good if you have any?
    Idiot, the years of happiness are due when? when the youngest rug rat leaves the nest.....great! :-)

    I am hormonal and lonely that's all guys, it's awful leaving when things are just kicking of, Plasmonic asked would I have been better just not going....but then that's worse! Enjoy the Rum!

  4. Hi Midge! I'm sorry we missed you. It would have been lovely to see you. I hope you're feeling better today - remember it is just one night out and there'll be billions more.

    Talk soon,


  5. I'm grand today guys, feel stupid for being so hormonal and stupid! sorry, sorry Shan if my self pity ruined your party, I jus hope the rest of them helped you guys clean up????

    Walked nine miles today, good not to have a hangover!