Saturday, August 02, 2008

First Hangover in years

Heh, so last night I got in and got online, but the baby woke up some time after one, and took ages to settle. I put him in our bed, and he grabbed his bottle and sucked away at it in an amusing way I can't quite describe, and then I woke up and it was four in the morning, the husband was asleep beside me and I was still fully clothed and feeling worse for wear.

Up at 8 this morning, could be feeling better, living in fear of the children - but strangely, a cupcake seems to have sorted out my stomach. I've changed a horrible nappy and just blown an egg for my daughter to paint without incident, so I must be going to be ok.

Thanks for the evening last night, apologies for the drunken behaviour, I should really go delete that post, but that would mean looking at it and I'm too ashamed! Sorry I missed D&L, Thanks so much for the list Dave, and dolly, I hope your post was partly funny - I'm sorry about the talking, your English is so good it's hard to remember to slow down. If it's any consolation, most Americans can't understand groups of drinking Irish people either.

And now, a knotty problem. I've woken up to find myself unable to access my blogs. I can post but not read or comment. It opens, then I get a message telling me Explorer can't open them and when I close the box, the site closes. I suppose it's time to download Firefox. Sigh. But will I still have Vista?


  1. Jo we had a good laugh at the fact that you had so many spelling mistakes and that it would kill you afterwards. I don't know about Vista but Firefox is way more user friendly than Internet explorer

  2. No worries Jo, have a look at the lable tagged on my post. :)

    Good job blowing out eggs for your daughter. I probably would have told my kid to play hide and seek all day while I would be looking for her - from my sofa...

    The chocolate cupcake was wonderful. Just had one for breakfast. Thx!

    Download Firefox for Windows. NOW. It works with Vista and installs easy with automagic imports of your IE bookmarks in the process. I did it last night when we first noticed the problem. Should be done under 5 minutes so go, go, go.

  3. Sorry we missed you too, but we did enjoy those cupcakes. :)

    It was such a good laugh and it was particularly nice to meet dolly - I hope we didn't freak her out too much.