Friday, August 22, 2008

Ugly Baby

After settling into some champagne cocktails and sexy cup-cakes over at Jo The Mama's last night and exhausting our horror stories, beauty tips and sexual blunders we eventually came around to the topic of babies. This is what happens on a night out with a pack of women get together and start delving into their personal lives. It happens more and more as I get older (I have to stop doing that).

Ginger Pixel and Jo regaled us childless crones with stories about their cute little off-spring and much to RP's disgust and horror Jo took out her birthing video (not really).

But this got me thinking. I wondered what the spawn of myself and he who shall not be named (as he deleted my blog) would turn out like. Would they have my freckles? His high cheek bones? They would certainly have the biggest mop of uncontrollably curly hair ever to grace the brow of a child.

Well as a certain freaked out blogger already knows - my curiosity knows no bounds. So to the Internet Cave I went.

Meet The Crabling Lottie......
Courtesy of Morph Thing.

Despite not being able to sleep last night for fear of the Banshee and now never having sex again for fear of getting pregnant - it was a great night. And I finally got to meet the gorgeous Annie (my blogging hero - I was a little star struck).

I' already looking forward to the next one. Thanks Jo!


  1. Anyone else see a touch of Michael Jackson?

  2. ooo, scary. Your offspring looks a little like my friend Blainaid actually. I just found the abandoned hummus and bread sticks! We could have done with that to counter the sugar, all the sugar...

  3. Fuck me Lottie, that's scary, scary shit. That looks far too like him already. Jesus. I don't think I'll ever look at you both the same way again.


  4. @ Darragh - remember Vallottie?

    @Jo- Yes - It took me a long time to go asleep last night. Way too much sugar in my system!

    @ Pauric - Shit! Yes I do!

  5. Jes, I need a pipe.
    You're too fast for me. Give an old man a break.
    What did you say ............. again.
    You're pregnant.

  6. Lottie! I went to the hairdresser today and said "make my hair like Lottie's". Unfortunately I didn't bring a pic — that would have been weird, no? Hmm. Next time I will bring you with me.

    It was lovely to meet all you guys. Sorry I was a bit shy / freaked out by ghosts even though i don't believe in them.

  7. Ah- you should see me now. Scary scary morning hair!!!Not good.

    Lovely to meet you too. :)

    The greatest trick the devil played, was making people think he doesn't exist ....

    (I was scared too)

  8. It was that exorcism story, and Clair's husband's night terrors - shudder! Poor Annie!

    Not to self - don't invite people to my house then scare them!

  9. The greatest trick was to manipulate people by inventing the Devil.
    "Hey kid, don't go into the woods the boogy man will get you."

    If God is as idiotic as our mind then "God help us all."
    "Man thinks, and God laughs."

  10. @RP - SHRUP! Do you want to be my next victim? Do you!?