Sunday, September 07, 2008


I know it's not all over yet but I'd like to officially declare 2008 to be a shite year, and it's been a shite year for quite some time, with nothing to learn from it. I know it's an issue I've differed on with 49£ers for a long time, the idea of learning from negative experiences, but I still maintain that not all negative experiences make one grow and if there is no growth I see no benefit to experiencing negativity. And no matter how much you tell me about experiencing life, blah blah, you won't get me to see it differently.

Yes I'm making this declaration in the sole anticipation that fate will disprove my words by some glorious recovery in the few months left ahead.


  1. Well, I know just what you mean. Some bad experiences are just shit, and leave you lessened, scarred. Some things retard rather than enhance.

    I will admit that I have found some positives in the bad experience I've had that's similar to yours, but they're not that much consolation.

    Still, the best perspective I've seen of late on that is, 'it sucks, but that's ok.'

  2. I agree with you Milan. 2008 has been shite.

  3. I hope you get that glorious recovery Milan, I really do.

  4. I also concur with your thoughts 2008 has been a shit year, this week in particular has been truly the worst week I think I have ever encountered.

    I am sure 2009 cant be as bad to us.

  5. There's still a few months to go, so let's hope that a year's worth of good things are crammed into three and a bit months!

  6. Milan, I'm with you. Not every harsh, bad experience helps you to learn although I try to take something from most of them.

    All we can all do is try to make the rest of the year as lovely as we can for each other. That's worth trying.

  7. Bad experiences are crap, and I don't think you can learn from every crap experience either.
    I have moved onto a new year. Well, i haven't moved into 2009, but i've finished 2008, I actually wrote my resolutions last week... Next up: near years party. :)

  8. 2007 was a bit like this for me Milan and it can really beat you down. But things work in cycles - it will work it's was back around to a good year if you just have hope.