Sunday, September 07, 2008

The crossroads

Before I talk about the decision I've come to with regard to out little lima bean picking universe I'm going to reprint parts of a comment from below from one of my favourite bloggers - Darragh Doyle. I do it because maybe sometimes we forget just how special what we have here is and just how unique we are in the blogging universe:

Not being a poster here, i would like to add a comment on recent events from just a regular reader's point of view.PLEASE DON'T STOP.

Whether you guys and gals realise it or not, 49£s is one of the best Irish blogs out there, simply because of the community camaraderie that you've built up without meandering down the route of:

* insulting people who don't deserve it

* posting stuff for the sake of it

* believing that you're so important that the readers don't matter

* being rude/controversial/"edgy" just for the sake of it

* rehashing press releases

* being a You Tube VJ and most importantly

* posting for reactions rather than the readers, and

* pretending to be something you're not

I've been a regular reader for quite a time now and really enjoy the mix of posters and posts. Recently I realise I haven't commented, a reflection more on my personal situation rather than the quality of posts, but I've enjoyed the mix of confessions, life updates, ideas, arguments, discussions and generally everything that this blog has always said it is - just a mix of people adding their ideas.

It's tough running one blog, never mind two (or three or more in some cases) and I'm always impressed that posters like jothemama, Lottie and Raptureponies seem to be able to do so successfully. Darren is different here - he has a different tone and style for a different audience which is interesting to watch. Shanachie's evil side came out here, which was always entertaining and midgetwrangler gives that certain view of a hectic life that is so different from my own, I can't help but delight at times that it's not. (Sorry!) I'm not familiar enough with the other bloggers to comment, save that the mixture - like a box of allsorts - is what makes it fun.

I would love to see more creative posts like this one because that showed the great power of the joint creativity of you all. I'd love to see things like you all starting a story and continuing post on post, to see you continuing discussions like Darren's on suicide and so on...

...You also should be proud of what you've achieved here. This isn't a negative blog, it's an interesting one. It's not at the expense of anyone, it's for the benefit of those involved. It gives a unique outlook, an interesting voice and a bit of fun in a blogging community that NEEDS something like this.

Continue with this PLEASE. I'll definitely continue to read (and will comment more!) but don't throw away what you got. It's like Darren in real life - a little bit special :o)

That should have made you smile as it made me do the same.

Now to business. I want us to continue. Even if only simply because of the fast and firm friendships that have been made here over the last year and more, our output, our little world, our outlook, our chaos.

However there have been voices raised and towels thrown in over the last few months for many reasons ranging from lack of time to life circumstances to just not having any fun anymore. And so we have to change.

The first thing that is definite is a move to Wordpress. It's been touted for a long time and rightly so. It will make it easier for people to comment, make for a prettier blog and make things easier and more flexible for me on the admin side of things.

The second is a serious new infusion of writers. Bringing together a disparate group of people who knew little of each other and in some cases were blogging for the first time was the purpose and success of here when I started it first and it's time we started again.

However, when I thought about simply registering (as I did a while back) I stopped. It didn't feel right.

For Nine Pounds has been a unique group of people, a series of great nights together, a perfect little project. Almost doubling our number with new writers (which is what I'm proposing) deserves a fresh start of its own and, I think, to draw a line under what we have been in respect and deference to those we've lost along the way.

And so we're going to have what the marketing lizards call a relaunch :)

I have registered a new blog name on Wordpress. One that reflects who we are, yet refers back to who we were. I'll be transferring all the old 4nine£ posts there too - they are our National Archive after all. Over the next week or so all of those of you who still want to play in our unique little playground will need to do a little task to set yourself up for the launch of the new ship.

This is, of course, not a closed door to those who have fallen by the wayside - we are blog family and anyone who wants to jump back on can do so with the click of a mouse at anytime. We'll dock at your port and extend the gangplank, because we will miss you all.

Now to business.

There are two things I'd like you to do as soon as you can.

As I count it, myself, Orpees, Milan, Jo, Darren, Lottie, Voodoo, Mr Pink, Ash, Tib and Dolly are coming. 11 of us. Each of you will receive a mail from me detailing how to join Wordpress if you're not on it already and the all important second part of the equation.

I'd like each of us to recommend one new person to come and write for us.

Since we began that's always the way things have been done here. People came in at the suggestion of LBPs, we grew virally and *shudders at the word* organically and so it shall continue.

I'm looking, as I did in the beginning for a combination of male and female, young and old and (and this is the most crucial) bloggers and non-bloggers. Some of our finest members are people who started writing here for the very first time (Milan and Tib, I'm looking at you!)

In addition I'm going to be approaching a couple of people myself, I'll let you know how I get on. PLEASE do not make your suggestions here in comments. Mail them to me, I'll see if we have any duplications, and we can start inviting from there. I'm sure there'll be a second round of suggestions needed as people won't be interested, but I'll deal with that on e-mail when I have to.

What we will end up with is a new animal very much in the tradition of the old. Still there will be no rules, no style, no theme, rhyme or reason. We'll still have a unique community of constant comment on each other and yes, we'll still meet up to get pissed when we can :)

I'm hoping this plan is a brave new beginning to a project that has meant so much to so many over the last year or so.

All my love,

Your benign and benevolent dictator for life,



  1. Wow. I was wondering how this blog was going to be rejuvenated. It sounds like there is good reason for you being the one to do it SL. This plan sounds like a helluva good one. May I be the first to say...VIVA LA 49£s!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Excellent, I was thinking of someone, I must admit.

  3. Grumble grumble...don't like change..grumble...

    Funnily enough, that post that Darragh mentions that I did is one of the many that have annoyed me after posting and I've thought many times of killing it.

  4. Just wanted to say congrats to Ash, who completed her first Ironman, you know what I think of you Ash (MAD MAD MAD) but fair play to you, what a fantastic achievement.

    If I was still posting I could have made a post of it!! lol

  5. Pauric, can you drop me a mail?