Thursday, September 11, 2008


I just got left behind. I am not sure how to feel about that.

On one hand, I am a little but happy about it. I didn't want to go to the stupid thing (yes I am 8) and only said yes because I was caught off guard and couldn't think of a good excuse fast enough. Damn brain. Work faster.

On the other hand, I feel like an 8 year old who was last to be picked for the team. How did they all go off without me? Didn't they even think to come up and see if I wanted to share a taxi? I know I am locked away in a room all by myself and rarely see my colleagues other than brief good mornings and good evenings, but come on!

We have a work shindig tonight. Drinks and then dinner and the karaoke. Joy. I was more enthusiastic about my last dentist appointment. I have tried to get out of the blasted thing umpteen times since last week each time to be greeted with "ah Lizzzz-aaa-beth (as our receptionist calls me). You will go. Go on".

My plan tonight was to go for a few drinks and then scarper but dinner is not till 8 which invariably means 9 and there goes the whole night.

So instead of fixing my make-up and heading over to Ballsbridge at 5.30 when I realised that I was now alone in the building, I sat back down at my computer and started to browse the interweb, raking my brain and trying desperatley to think of a way I could get out of heading over. I now find myself sitting here thinking the less time I need to spend there, the better and I will make a move to join my colleagues shortly before dinner. That's a bit sad isn't it?

No-one has even called or texted me yet to see where I am. Have they even noticed that I am not there? Would they notice if I just gave the whole thing a miss? Would it be worth the aggravation tomorrow? Probably not.

In any event, I am not impressed. But at least I am not trying to make pointless small talk with people I have absolutely nothing in common with.


  1. Lottie! You want your cake and eat it!

    You're far better off coming to my house for real scintillating conversation and real cake.

  2. People are stupid sometimes. Someone should have thought to make sure you were on your way, or alright for a taxi.

    I love work nights out. I guess I am lucky enough that I've worked with pretty sound people in my various jobs so far.

    Completely off topic but I was in the Market Bar last night for the first time since I got back and I think the food is gone right off. Salamanca for tapas type food for me from now on.

  3. Hmm. I'll have to admit, it's plainer than you want, not as good as it looks.

    Havana is good, and when the music starts, they let you play bongos! Mojito!

  4. @ Jo - I want my cake,l eat it and take some cake home. Can you assist?

    @Vodoo - Okay that;s it. You were in the Market Bar. No more evading me. You are a Dubliner of some sort. We have probably met in the ladies a number of times at this stage.

  5. Oh Lottie, that doesn't sound nice :(. I hope it turned out to be a good evening, after all.

  6. I hope you didn't go and told them you 'forgot' about the night out as you weren't reminded about it and there was no one there when you finished work and you thought everyone had gone home.

  7. @Tina & Mary - I did go in the end and...fine, I had a great time. I even sang. Really really badly. Beer is magical.

    I made a joke when i arrived that I was playing catch up and I needed 4 drinks to catch up, suddenly 4 drinks arrived in front of me like magic.

  8. you sang??!!
    Now you have NO excuses ever to not sing again ;-).
    Glad you had a good night though and it wasn't as bad as you anticipated.

  9. Mary - I use the term "sang" very very loosely . it was less singing and more raising my voice. And everyone was shouting at mics so they couldn't hear me which was good.

  10. I also use the term singing very loosely, wailing to music may be more apt.

    I am not a Dubliner, but I do live in Dublin Lottie and we probably have met in the ladies somewhere, it's scary how small this place is.