Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well in the last few days of nostalgia I feel like I want to post lots of posts cause I won't be able to do it anymore from next week but as per usual I've got blogger's block and can't think of anything of note to talk about.

In the event that everything might be transferred over to new blog without my access I decided to start looking through old comments and posts of mine from the start to to filter out anything I don't want made permanent but only got as far as from June to Oct. But again I noticed things that I didn't remember from before because it was back in the days when there were no faces to names. It turns out back then Tib got engaged and Jo had a baby and I'd no recollection of either. SL tells me that Mossie just had a baby so congrats to them too.

We've talked before of all the big events that have happened to our 49£ers in the last 16 months but just for the sake of it I'm going to try and catalogue the group life cycle changes:

3 new babies
1 engagement
2 marriage break ups
1 parent loss
1 grandparent loss
1 continental move
Several relationship changes
Some parting of friends

Not bad going for us. I'm sure I've left a few out and all.


  1. You forgot I had a baby?

    Jesus, I clearly don't talk about that enough ;)

  2. PS, Mossie, congratulations on your baby! Come on and tell us about it?

  3. Milan, don't forget the many debaucherous meet ups :)

  4. Jo - I know you had a baby but I thought that was all from before the blog not during.