Thursday, September 04, 2008

A New Face For Dr. Who

The BBC announced today that David Tennant will bow out as the current Dr. Who in the second of 4 one hour specials planned for 2009. While they played with the idea in the final episodes of last season, fans were overall happy to see the face of Tennant return after a simple transfer of regenerative power.

In a rare guest appearance on Richard & Judy today, Steven Moffat confirmed the rumour that Robert Carlyle will be stepping into Tennants rather large boots and that the next two seasons will focus heavily on the Doctors past.

He stated that they considered Carlyle before but due to his busy filming schedule they were only recently in a position to sit down and discuss the matter seriously. He stated that he has always been a big fan of Carlyle and he is looking forward to the diversity which the Scottish actor will bring to the role.

When quizzed on whether or not the Doctor will have a new companion Moffat would not comment however it has been suggested that Kylie may return in a new guise (much like Martha did I suppose). He did confirm taht there will be both a Sarah Jane and Torchwood cross over in the 5th series and that it will be much darker than what audiences have been exposed to before now.

Only playing with ya!. Just though the mood needed to be lightened in here today. And what better way to do that but with Dr. Who news - even if it is just a figment of my own imagination.
Tennant will be back (FULL TIME - THERE WILL BE NO NEW DOCTOR!) on 24th in an hour long Christmas special. That's only 117 days to go. Wohoo!


  1. Hang on! What? I read it wrong. What?

    Why would you mess with me?

  2. Oh no, you should have left the original version. Please.

    Darren and I were stupid enough to fall for it, get so excited and not read the last line.

    Hate ya.

  3. Ha. Note to self. Take care when getting good news form Lottie :)

  4. I heard it here first.

    Big News, might be good too...

    thanks for letting me know, my sons will think I'm cool to know this.


  5. Ah!... 'fished in... very convincing though... em... congrats??

  6. oh my god you had me going there good post, brightened up the atmosphere round here that's for sure!!

  7. Phew. I was getting worried there. When/if Tennant leaves I'm going to be incon-fecking-solable.

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