Thursday, September 04, 2008

blogless in killeshin

In the light of the last twenty four hours it's reinforced feeling's I've had for a few months .I find I have nothing in common with the post's maybe it's my age , so I too feel maybe its time to say goodbye . Thank's for accepting me into your circle it's been fun for the older woman.


  1. been there done that a number of times only to start again.
    There's no reward in blogging other than the rush posting whether you think it's not up to standard or whatever. You do it like a drug, and try to fin a good connection with those (some anyway) who comment.
    You have to make an effert to comment too.

  2. the thing is MM, Ails was one of our main commenters many moons ago, commented for months, and was so outrageous that she was asked to join, so she really had made the connection. When this all started I personally found the commenting so much more fun then the posts themselves, tbh you could have written one word and got over 20 comments, its one thing we have always found was it a blog or a chat room, and I think a lot of the community spirit has gone now. I too find it hard to comment on certain subjects I know feck all about, not just here but on the many other blogs I read daily, and I think that is exactly where Ails has found herself.

    So in relation to effort to comment I would not piss the nearly 60 year old off, she will find you and hunt you down with her wooden spoon!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that Ails :( And Jo and Shan. There's nothing I can do to change your minds but the door always remains open for everyone x

  4. Does that mean Aileen is no longer my virtual mother?

  5. I will have words in her ear Tib, great to see you back commenting!

    Leave Ails to me guys!

  6. I will remain your virtual mom if you like tib it would be my pleasure