Saturday, September 06, 2008

Self-belief isn't always a good thing

I'm watching x-factor and even though I know it's coming it still amazes me the way people hold belief about their abilities that is completely misguided.

I love to sing, but I am BAD. I indulged in a bit of karaoke recently and my other half recorded some of it. We were on our own in one of those karaoke rooms and it is seriously cringy in the cold light of day without a pitcher of green cocktail (I was in Japan, I dunno what it was) in me. I always knew I wasn't the best singer but I never knew I was that bad, at least now I know!

For these people though, is the fault really with their family and friends? I mean, my mam always told me I was crap if I asked, in a nice way like, she would say 'You have a grand voice Voodoo, it's not brilliant but it's not awful'. I don't think there is any point building people up when they are only going to get a rude awakening some time in the future.

I'm all for trying to boost a person's confidence but you see so many disasters on these shows, sometimes I feel really sorry for them when they're upset afterwards, convinced the judges were wrong.

I was watching a show the other night about Child Geniuses on channel 4. One kid was around 12 and was convinced after years of being labeled a genius and of playing competitive chess in the UK that he was the best and capable of winning some competition against the worlds best in his age category. His parents were clearly pushing him, home schooling him, allowing him play chess online half the day in 'training'. In this particular competition he ended up coming somewhere around 70th (I can't remember). Basically, no where near the winners. They asked him afterwards if he still thought he could do it, be the best, carry on competing. He said yes and when asked if he would ever give up chess, he said only if he died. Hardly a healthy attitude to have.

Anyway, I still think I could make it as a dancer, I love dancing, therefore I am great, yes?


  1. Totally Voodoo, you can do it, you could totally make it in the world of competitive dance. Nobody puts Voodoo in a corner!

    God, though, I know what you mean. How deluded are some of those people? It's funny, I was going to post about karaoke and my crap voice too. Synchronicity!

  2. Do you remember yer wan from last year who was pityingly overweight with a similarly obese family who told her she had a great voice and she was desperate.

  3. She was back on this year milan and was still terrible and said she had signing lessons poor deluded girl

  4. It's one of the great contradictions in my life. I hate the bastards who put these poor, deluded people (some of them have to be a bit simple, surely?) on the TV to have their shining moment of glory in front of a panel of heartless bastards.

    Of course, it makes for great tv.