Saturday, September 06, 2008

Plus Ca Change...

On Your Marks...
I'm a walking cliche. I'm gay and I hate sports. I used to dread Thursdays when I was in school because that was the day we had double PE. I've crap co-ordination and I can't even kick a football in a straight line. It feels like the football and rugby world cups have just ended and now the Olympics are set to take over the TV schedules (thank goodness for DVD boxsets!).

Having said all that though, how cool did the special collectors covers to this issue of the Radio Times look? They pick up on the BBC's title sequence for the sporting event that features music by Gorillaz' Damon Albarn and artwork by Jamie Hewlett. The characters, Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy, are based on ancient Chinese legend. Or if you're a child of the '70s or '80s, they're based on a slightly dodgy Chinese fantasy television series... (Pictures are TM and copyright Radio Times magazine).


  1. V cool. Does anyone actually collect all the collectable covers though? Empire are bringing out 100 separate covers for their next issue. Add that up. You're talking at least €600 to collect them all, and that's if you could find them.

    Also, just went on a quest to find this. Welcome back!

  2. Born from an egg on a mountain top!

    We were talking about MOnkey on Twenty. It comes from a book, I didn't know that. Apparently they didn't adapt the chapter where he gets a penis extention!

  3. "The Olympics are set to take over the TV schedules."'re safe now, the Olympics finished a couple of weeks ago! Perhaps you caught the coverage yesterday of the Paralympics opening ceremony and got confused? They will only be given a fraction of the amount of time the main event got on air so don't worry.

    As for Monkey, yeah he's pretty great. Did you watch the old TV show of it? Seriously surreal. Albarn and Hewitt have turned it into an opera, thoughI doubt we'll ever have the pleasure of it visiting Ireland.

  4. Thanks for the welcome back Darren and Milan. It's good to be back. I was surprised by how much I missed this place.

    As for collectible covers, normally I just choose my favourite but sometimes I have been tempted to buy more than one. My friend in Holland is currently trying to choose between 50 of her favourite covers for next month's "Empire" (at the moment the "Wizard of Oz" one is my choice).

    Andrew, I know the post is a little out of date, but this is my first post back after taking a bit of a break from the group. I still think the covers are cool though.