Monday, September 08, 2008

We are all made of stars

I'm happy this blog is going to continue, in a way I have been holding myself back from it a lot as I am quite wary of being 'found out' so to speak. It's nice to be part of something completely outside of my normal everyday life and also to be part of a group as such.

Anyway, this post is about people.The other night I was getting the nitelink home and there was just the most hilarious bunch of people on the bus. A couple asleep on each other, a group of lads roaring abuse at one and other, an auld fella weaving around after a night on the pints, some raucous older ladies and me - panda-eyed, hobbling and fumbling in a giant bag for my chips.

Before long, the ladies at the back began a rousing chorus of '10 in the bed and the little one said' to which we all joined in. That was followed by a nice set of 'Ten green bottles' and an old favourite 'Everywhere we goooooooo, people always ask us'.

I love the randomness. During the day we would sit on the bus trying not to touch each other too much and definitely not speaking, then at 4am we have sing-songs!


  1. that's brill!! have you seen the tracker mortgage ad on you tube a group of lads did on the nitelink in dub very funny!!

  2. Gas. I've had a few such bus journeys over the years. One time a friend for whatever reason had half a packet of rich tea in her bag and like the loaves and fishes they did the round of the upstairs bus and all fed on them. Amen.

  3. Ah, we had one of those on the last dart into town once. Very patriotic, it was.

    I haven't heard 'Everywhere we go' in a long time. I wonder if kids still do it?