Monday, September 08, 2008

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

After almost 8 years, I sometimes wonder, how well does my other half know me.

We sat down together on Sunday night to watch the film "Office Space". We were giggling away and exchanging "that's so true" comments when D turned to me with a puzzled look on his face and said:-

"That's window's 3.1. I didn't think they were using that in 1999".

God help me!


  1. Oh come on! Leave me alone!

    After 8 years you still come excitedly into the room saying "Ooh, look at my new shoes/bag/bracelet/blusher/mascara/top/". God help you? God help me, more like!!!

    You're dumped - Ha!

  2. Office space, I love that flick. Where's my stapler!

    The soundtrack is class, I survived one of my jobs in Sydney by listening to 'Damn it feels good to be a gangster' all day.

  3. @Darren - I see the way you look at my shoes!

    @Voodolady - The soundtrack was excellent.

  4. A fun film, but I really only remember the guy who does Boomhauer's voice in King of the Hill from it.
    Heh, be proud of your nerdiness, Darren.

  5. Ah I love Office Space! Whenever I'm in TGI Fridays I always think of Jennifer Aniston and her 'flair'.

    Anyway nerds are cute!

  6. Darren, if I didn't know what you looked like from your blog, I could imagine you saying that while pushing up your glasses and snorting heartily...but no...your one of those suave geeks.

  7. @Pauric No, no, I had my glasses on and no gel in my hair. I may have been wearing my Danger Mouse t-shirt. I was at my geekiest. I have no excuses. I wish I could claim suaveness(?) but it would be a lie.

  8. @Jo It seems both 'suaveness' and 'suavity' are correct. Still, I ain't either.

  9. Oh Christ no. You're neither ;) And Lottie it is our differences that bring us together :)