Saturday, January 31, 2009


Back at last , well done son

My name is ails and I have missed this .

I loved coming on here and reading about other people's lives and sometime's getting thing's off my chest. I am nearly sixty so life is'nt all that exciting as all children have moved on and doing their own thing . however I hope i can give some input into the blog .

Anyway it's late and time for bed so will come back soon to see how you are all getting on


  1. Howya ails, hope to have a good laugh with you here.

  2. Oh I bet life is plenty exciting without kids in the nest. I am eagerly antisipating your posts on this blog. I think we all will have some fun!

  3. How's it going Ails? Nearly 60 is the new nearly 40 so you're sorted. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  4. Hehe well as you are the only person here before that post announcing the end, I am sure you will agree that Someone Living deserves a Big up handing over the reigns!

    Lets hope we do him proud!