Friday, February 27, 2009

Cough,Cough bloody cough

I am writing this blog in a semi comatose state which is called lack of sleep forgive me for my many, many typos that will undoubtedly appear in this post something to do with the inside of my brain now resembling a fine bubbling saucepan full of extra thick pea soup, and what has caused this green mush?

A cough, not just an ordinary cough you understand but one of those real bastard cough's that will do there absolute best to piss you off.

Day 1 start with a runny nose and a tickle that is starting to annoy - not too bad I can cope with this.

Day 2  a right hacking cough, green phlegm and all - so ok not looking too good but hey it will gone in a day or so- or will it?

Day 3,4 and 5 more of the same

Day 6 go to the Doctors, ahh you have a chest infection my dear here have these lovely antibiotics that will sort your cough out but rip your stomach to shreds and probably give you thrush ( ok maybe too much information eh)

forget what bloody day we are on now, but to cut it short took the antibiotics and finished them and .......

Still coughing 

Day 10 go back to doctors as feeling like shit and have not had a decent nights sleep for well over a week, to be told Oh my dear you haven't got a chest infection you will just have to wait for it to go.

argggh so why am I still coughing?

Day11 and Night coughing, coughing coughing and no sleeping 

Day 12 and Night surviving on about three hours sleep is now really starting to have a dire effect on me I am walking round like a zombie, I have ribs that feel like I have just done a round with Mohammed Ali and I routinely forget what I am doing and sa.....

Cough, cough bloody cough 


  1. I woke up this morning with a similar feeling in my throat hope to god I aint going to catch what ever the hell it is you have.

    Hope you get well soon though honestly.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. It's been going around at our house too.

  3. Oh geeze the plague is making the rounds again. I feel so bad for you having this horrible thing. I hope it doesn't head this way again. This year recovery from these things seems to be at least twice as long. I hope you get some rest and feel better soon. A vaporizer (or a pan on the stove) helped make the cough a little less violent here.

  4. ah god love you hope u get better soon

  5. Get some better cough medicine. Force the MD to fork over something with Codeine in it. If you aren't sleeping the damn dreck in your lungs won't get better.

    Hang in there

  6. well pleased to say cough is on its way out!
    Hope no one else gets it, it is a rotter x