Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Skiing weekend!

Not going skiing but watching skiers ski in FIC cup at Kranjska Gora this weekend.I love watching sports live its a brilliant feeling, great atmosphere!
so this weekend for two days I'll be in bliss, watching the giant slalom and slalom races.Also besides watching them ski I am hoping to get an autograph or two and maybe a photo.Already have tickets for both races and my friend and I have a room booked in Kranjska Gora so we can fully enjoy those two days.Been to Kranjska Gora skiing cup the last two years and hoping its better then last year since we didn't see much of the skiers and didn't have much fun, so keep you fingers crossed.
Will do a photo post when I get back so sometime next week.My favourite skier and the reason I started watching skiing is Benjamin Raich, he is an Austrian skier and brilliant at what he does, sadly this year its not his best season still hoping he wins in Kranjska Gora!Also hoping to see Julien Lizeroux, Marc Berthod and many others of course.Sad about the fact that Daniel Albrecth, who had an accident in January, won't be there but hoping he recovers soon!
So this is it, until next week when I will hopefully post some great photos of the skiers!


  1. Go away you have made me angry, as an irishman who loves wintersports, I am mad jealous of you! now go away hope you and your mate have a crap time and the races get cancelled because snow has melted or something!

    GO AWAY!

    (I am obviously just green with envy enjoy yourself seriously will look out for you on Eurosport)

  2. I dislike the cold but am truely mesmerized by these skiers. It must be fantastic to see them in person, what a rush ! Have a good time and stay warm.