Wednesday, February 04, 2009


You may have gathered from my last post (if you read it) that I'm a bit of a health nut. I work out, eat right, do all that good stuff you're supposed to do to live 'til your 99 1/2.
All this working out makes me hungry so I've been known to eat a breast or two of the winged one on a daily basis. Now there's a fine line between eating enough protein after working out and eating too much (does gorging on eggs count?). I have been known to over-indulge and the after effects, as my missus will testify to, is not pretty. This led me to a very simple question;

If I bang in my pants when I eat chicken, do chickens fart?

Let me do a very Irish thing and answer this question with a question. If you could fart and just decided, nah what's the point, would you?
Well as I found out in my extensive research, apparently chickens do indeed fart, but-get this-they choose not to. The Missus seems to think I choose to bang it up as if it's a party or something. If only I could be as lady-like as the chickens....

On another note this whole blogging thing is great and is a good release from my day job as a goat herder!


  1. So glad to hear that you are a health nut . I'm afraid the only part of me that work's out are my fingers from blogging and twittering .

  2. ..and you were reared so nicely...

  3. Jaysus, if I had a choice I would probably choose to fart more. Farting is great. It can be used as a weapon, as a means of making people move seats on the bus and a hilarious party trick if you dont like the people whos party it is :)

  4. It's good craic, especially when we're sitting in the office working and the stench of "chicken" blows right towards me. Just like now. sigh

    The Missus

  5. Well I wish chickens would choose to pass gas, then my husband wouldn't have to do it for them :o(

  6. Glad to see the question of farting made you do so much research. I just wonder if these facts may be of benefit to me during a table quiz. BTW how do they know did the chickens tell the researchers or something, there is a new question for you to get answers to!

  7. see h i
    that's what iwas talking about . my 2 sons