Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Lightening The Mood

Here's a lovely puppy, currently well on the way to becoming a Guide Dog.

Support Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, everybody:


  1. Oh wow he is so lovely, want one want one!

  2. He is lovely, I'm sure he'll make someone very happy.

  3. Oh what a sweet baby. The people who raise and train these guide dogs are a special type of person. Thank goodness for them :o)

  4. For some reason I want to lick him...dunno what thats all about..

    I read that labs are really unintelligent and thats why they make great guide dogs?? Apparentely they can be trained more easily as they dont do much thinking for themselves...Thinking back on Deedee our old mongrel (lab, wolfhound, ferret mix) I have to disagree. She was an amazing dog.

  5. Wow Mike is this a puppy you are training for the year? I dont think, even though its for such an amazing cause, I could do the training, I would get far to close to the dog, and having to let him/her go after a year would kill me!

    If as I say this is your puppy in training, what an amazing picture you have taken, its one I would have loved for my own photoblog, and well done doing this for such a great cause!